Testimonials from our Fans.

Hey Coop! CDs are worn out - ready to hear the real thing again. Cooper played in 2012 at Mo's for a benefit for a non profit I was in raising funds for breast cancer awareness - loved his music and enthusiasm to our cause! Great pics of him on a 2 tone pink 250 motorcycle! lol - Then was surprised to see him in our office for a wall repair in 2018 or 19.
Blanche - Houston, TX
This was an awesome show for our private party. He’s an awesome singer and even bigger heart. He’s the Best I absolutely love him!
Virginia - El Campo, Texas
Since our visit to Texas to see my sister, Ellen Massey, I have followed your journey! Never have I been more entertained ... keep doing what you do Cooper Wade ... God bless you and yours!
Eva Espinoza - Wister, OK
We have seen you play multiple times and it is always fantastic. NOONE does Conway like Cooper. Your CD is one of the few I listen to in my car ... LOVE the original songs.
Erin - Houston, TX
Cooper, not only did you play FANTASTIC music at Autumn Grove for Dad's celebration of life, but you stirred memories for a lot of folks and warmed many hearts! We'll be forever fans :)
Tracie - Shenandoah, TX
We've seen Cooper play several times and his classic country sound is refreshing. He also came and played for our daughter's surprise 16th birthday!! Catch him anytime you can - you won't be disappointed
Jim & Kristin Dry - Fulshear, TX
We saw you guys perform at the Rodeo Houston Wine Garden and were blown away! Your original music is really good and the covers you played were amazing! We had a great time and can't wait to see y'all again!
Craig - Houston, TX
Cooper drove out to play at my wedding last weekend and made the night perfect! We gave him a list of songs for the ceremony and reception and he pretty much ran the entire show! He was very helpful with answering all of our questions prior to the wedding. People loved his music and want to come see a show in Houston. Thanks so much!!!
Sydney Meek - College Station, Texas
Cooper drove out to play at my wedding last weekend and made the night perfect! We gave him a list of songs for the ceremony and reception and he pretty much ran the entire show! He was very helpful with answering all of our questions prior to the wedding. People loved his music and want to come see a show in Houston. Thanks so much!!!
Sydney Meek - College Station, Texas
WOW! You stole the show in the lobby at Riu Palace Riviera Maya on that Friday night. Thank you for selflessly entertaining all of us TX folks. You rocked the house!
Becky Akin - Burleson, TX
Cooper Played for us until they kicked us out of the Riu Hotel Lounge. A real great guy and a fantastic entertainer. Thanks again Cooper for making our stay special.
Clint Hulsey - Lillian , Tx
Met Coop, and His wife in Playa. What a genuine person with a Genuine/Outgoing personality. Bless you brother, and see you in Ft. Worth
Robert - Joshua, TX
Saw u at Toby Keith's Cooper and I also paid money to see Craig cambell. We had so muchmore fun at your show and u wound d so much better. Thanks for the CD and we are calls ng the watations requesting ur songs. Speacially chick in a truck. Can't wait to see u post ur next place. We will be there. Thanks again!
martin&brandy - houston, tx
Coop is a Good Friend of Mine... He is Pure Country, Is Heart Bleeds Country Music. Personally You couldn't find a Better Person for this craft called Country Music.... Well Except King George Strait. Coop Has Top Notch Music.... This Guy's going places
Andrew Martin - Cypress, Texas
We are looking forward to see you in France! Please bring lots of CDs!
Domi - Paris, France
Hey cooper awesome show Saturday Oct 13 @ tx saloon. In pasadena tx. I love ur music. I really enjoyed seeing u perform on stage like always.ur awesome singer with a great personality.always with a smile and greeting ur fans.ur biggest fan. Mexican senorita
jessi - pasadena, tx
Saw you at Crossroads in Fredericksburg last week. Great show! Enjoying your new CD and spreading the word. My favorite is Chick in a Truck!
Pam - Houston, TX
I really Love your music Coop,thank's for sharing your talent the lord blessed you with.
Rhonda Copeland - Theodore, Alabama
you did a great job at the lake brotha ready to see you on july 4th weekend
logan - lufkin, texas
Will you come see us in SA??
Katie - San Antonio, TX
"Don't flirt with a "Texas Man" You are an Amazing singer and the band is Great..Hope to see you soon,Again??
Brown eye's - Pasadena, Tx
"Don't flirt with a Texas Man" I will carry with me for a very long time.You guy's were "Amazing" at the "Texas Saloon" and can't wait to see you again!!!!
Brown Eye's Still Waiting! - Pasadena, Tx
Dont flirt with a "Texas Man" You are an Amazing and absolutely "Gorgeous Man" And a Sweetheart to boot!! You Guy's were GREAT
Still Waiting - Pasadena, Tx
Great show at the Longhorn Saloon! Hope to see you out here in the Texas Hill Country again!
Dawn - Bandera, TX
Coop- we have seen you several times now and each time kick ass. It won't be long before you are headlining your own shows.
Jason - Keller, TX
What an awesome show at Texas Saloon 5/21/2010. You rocked the house. Great Job!
Monica - La Porte, Texas
Saw you last night at the House of Blues. The show was amazing..cant wait to see you headlining your own shows pretty soon
Ben - Sugarland, Tx
GREAT!!music at the Texas Saloon last night (3/27). Thank you for taking the time to research a not very well known song and playing it in the middle of your set "Oklahoma Breakdown". Made us smile--was well worth staying out till 1am and having to be to work at 6. We'll continue to follow you..........
JoEllyn - Houston, Tx
We were very impressed at the talent an performance (along with the Goodlooks) at Fishbonz in Bacliff We wish you the best of Luck an don't for get us when you make it Big.
Shirley - Bacliff, Tx
Just heard a couple of your songs. We are going to Muldoons
Toby - El Campo , TX
THANKS for playing small town Swiss Alps. Fantastic talent! The crowd was small but the entertainment large. (Hope you made enough to get back home.)I enjoyed the music AND the view. Hope to see you out here again!
Becky - La Grange, Tx

We came and saw you again at Heads N Tails Sat night and you guys were great AGAIN! We had a great time and can't wait to see you when you come back!

Sherri - Kemah, TX
Great talent! With your voice you gotta be headed for the bigtime. You deserve it! Saw you at Tumble Weed and look forward to seeing you guys at Blancos. Wishing you the best from your newest Cooper Wade fan.
DEE - Waller, TX
We saw you at armadillo palace last nite.Great, I would like to see you perform again.
Ron - Houston, Texas
Great Song... "give me your heart" Awesome show last saturday ...looking forward to Oct.
Holly - Cowtown , Texas
Hey Cooper! We saw you at Heads N Tails and LOVED you guys! You played awesome music and put on a great performance. You give George Strait a run for his money!
Sherri - Kemah, TX
Saw you guys at Mo's a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. You put on a hell of a show. We'll definitely come see you again.
Ricky - Katy, Tx
Just might have a hit on your hands with "She's Perfect For Me" If you can get airplay, I'd gamble to say it'll be in the Top 10 Texas Country Hits Chart in no time at all! Real Fine Ballad! Keep up the great singing and writing!!
Russell - Kenney, TX.
Hey Cooper, saw you at Norton's last night and I'm HOOKED!! You were awesome!! My friends and I really enjoyed the special attention and we will be checking your website for future shows!!! Good Luck and enjoy the ride!! PS I will let my friend GS know he has competition!!!
Lisa - Houston, TX
Just wanted to let you know that all of my friends really enjoyed your show and we plan to come see you again! Thanks for the great entertainment.
Lori - League City, Texas
Hey Cooper, caught your amazing performance at Mo's in Katy last night. All I can say is WOW! You are really going places! Good luck & God bless!
Melissa - Katy, Texas
The first time I heard you guys was at Big Texas. You came to the little town of Crosby and played Rowdy Bucks. I brought friends who were as blown away by you guys as I have been. Keep the music comin!
Sheila - Liberty, Texas
Hey Coop. I had to tell you I finally heard the "Swine Flu" song and loved it. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Can't wait to see you at The Dixie when you come to town! Great things are headed your way, Friend!!
CK - Beaumont, Texas
We hired Cooper and his band to perform at a party in Houston. The party was for families of a professional organization. Cooper and the band were great, and kindly adhered to my "clean family fun" request. They even through in some Southern Rock. Young and old alike were extremely impressed.
C.J. - Houston, TX
Swine Flu is great.
Shedden - Town of the Cow, Texas

Hey, we heard you guys at the big TEA party at Town Hall and you guys were AWESOME!!!! We can't wait to see you again at Mo's on the 22nd!!!

Mike and Susan - Sugarland, TX

Hey, we heard you at Armadillo Palace last week and were very impressed! You have a great voice and played a lot of great songs! Your website is really good too! See you again soon! :)

Rebecca - Houston, Tx

Hey, heard you guys at Blanco's last week. Great show! You guys really kicked butt!!!

Mike - Houston, TX
Your voice is unbelievable! You have come a long way! I hope all your dreams come true!
Dana Barrera - Friendswood, Texas
Hey Man! DragonLady lives in Houston, too. You have a great voice...congrats on your success!!
Barbie - Houston, TX
Hey Coop, you guys rocked at the Aggie Mom's Howdy Hoedown. I can't wait to see you perform again!!
Bethany - Houston, Texas
Cooper, we really enjoyed you at the Aggie Hoedown. You're incredibly talented and have a great sense of humor!! GREAT SHOW!!
Bill - Sugarland, Tx
~Coop~ Love the new "Ike" song - it will certainly boost morale around here! Your music is really great, and I'm working hard getting your name out in Southeast Texas! ~Cooper Wade Fan~
Carina - Beaumont, Texas
Hey man congratulations
chaacho - New caney, texas
tu eres el proximo jorge straight,man nomero one "chingon"
albino "chacho" - new caney , texas
I also heard the "I DOn't Like Ike" song and I thought it was hilarious! Let me know when you have it available so I can download it.
Robert - Houston, TX
I heard the "I don't like Ike" song too... where do I buy it????
Laura - Houston, TX
I just heard you on Sam's show singing your fun "I don't like Ike" song. I thought it was great. Had to check out your website. Gun Show is fantastic. You are very talented and I hope you achieve all your dreams.
M McGilbert - Sugar Land, Texas
Hey Coop!! Thanks for being a great and caring friend,,I know your going for my friend!! Your alabama gal and friend, Much love, Tammy Glad the Website is finelly done, It looks Awsome my friend,Cant wait for you to come to Alabama for a concert,, Love your music my friend,,Kool Pics,Looking hot and good my friend,
Tammy Lankford - Frisco City, Alabama
Hey, Just checking out ya website sweetie, You Rock!~ ~*~Much Love~*~
missongwriter promotions - andalusia, al
What a great time in Cancun!!! You are such a gifted person. Thanks for making our stay in Cancun even more memorable!
Mark - Medicine-Lodge, KS
Its just a matter of time before this guy is discovered
Paul - Pearland, TX
Kelly Richardson - Missouri City, TX
Thank you Coach for the CD. I like your pictures. That's all.
Easton Hays - Katy, Texas
Hey Cooper .. Love that song .. and Love the site
Kylee - Merritt, TX
well cooper i can say this you have one hell of a voice keep up the good work and let me know when you will be coming to richmond and i will be their :) thanks again for the mail and good luck m ... lots of love meredith
Meredith - Richmond, Virginia
Hey Bro, You are almost as cut as I was back in the Freshman Annual. Keep Rockin.
Bob "Super Colt" Tower - Houston, TX
Mrs.Wade told me about you when i was at a football game with Travis, your music is really good,really really good
Mitchell - Houston, TX
Hey Coop, Just stopping by to say hello!!!!!!! Your music Awsome!!!!!!!!Im happy and proud to have you as a great friend!!!I know youll go far with your music,,,,,Youve got a great voice and style,Take care, Catch you later!!!!!!! Your Alabama Gal, Tammy Cant wait to see you in concert!!!!!!!
Tammy Lankford - Frisco City, AL
WOW!! You put on quite a show last night! You are incredibly talented and your original songs are awesome!! Can't wait for the new CD!!
Jenn - Houston, TX
Hey Cooper, great show last night and I LOVE my new shirt!! Can't wait to wear it to the next show!!! See you soon!
Stephanie - Houston, TX
Hey Cooper, loved your show last night. I can't wait for the new CD to come out, your songs rock!!
Jeff - Katy, TX
Hey man, great job last night. I love that song "Chick in a Truck"! Let me know when the new CD comes out!
Ron - Bellville, TX
Hey! Can't wait to see you perform. You're great!!!
Candy - Katy, TX
Hey Cooper I love your music and your body!!! ;)
Sara - Katy, TX
Hey man, you rocked at Racks. Can't wait to see you again this week.
Mike - Katy, TX
Good luck babydoll!!
Michelle - D/FW, TX
FInally someone making REAL music with REAL talent!
Joe - Seabrook, Tx

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Just wanted to let you know that all of my friends really enjoyed your show and we plan to come see you again! Thanks for the great entertainment.
League City, Texas
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